International trade requires operational efficiency and compliance. As an authorised customs service provider, we support your international trade with the required customs formalities in the most efficient possible set-up within the national and international legal framework.

  • Customs Clearance Solutions

CMI’s Customs Clearance Solutions team ensures that rules and regulations are followed at every border crossing. We maintain operating permits at every Vietnam port, and deal directly with Customs officials on your behalf. We keep a close eye on newly-issued regulations so that you can focus on what matters most — your core business.

  • Outsourcing

By placing experienced CMI teams in the foreign trade departments of companies, it establishes the communication which allows rapid completion of Import-Export trade operations. CMI’s highly knowledgeable team members, also, keep track of the operations during.

  • Customs Clearance Processes

CMI’s offers internal development and constant improvement as well as visibility and transparency in customs operations. It presents advantages such as following up of the declarations’ current transaction and status, access to all reports, and customization for the user.

  • Tariffs

CMI's examines the specifications of products which are subject to foreign trade regulations and creates appropriate customs tariff schedule accordingly.