Cai Mep port cluster in the top 11 in the world

On May 25, 2022, the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence released the CPPI (Container Port Performance Index) for 370 global container ports. Accordingly, Cai Mep port cluster suddenly surpassed major ports in the region of Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia... to enter the top 11 most efficient container ports in the world.

This ranking is based on criteria related to the time it takes a container ship to complete loading and unloading of containers at a port during the entire period of 2021.

According to this ranking, Cai Mep International Port is ranked 11th CPPI (according to a statistical average of all 5 vessel sizes), and 13th (in technical terms, giving higher weighting to the most common vessel sizes in the port). there).

With a total area of ​​48ha, over the years, the subdivisions of workshops for maintenance and repair of equipment, ports dedicated to container trucks in and out of the port, office buildings, business and customs offices, yards Containers, wharfs... are all interested in modern upgrading.

"The Ministry of Transport and Vietnam's maritime industry are very proud that Cai Mep deep-water port cluster is ranked 11th in efficiency among 370 container ports in the world. This is even more meaningful when Covid-19 affects the southern key economic region very heavily in the second half of 2021, but Cai Mep is still open for safe operations, maintaining the global supply chain without fractured.

That shows the efforts of the whole Cai Mep community including Vung Tau Port Authority, Cai Mep ports, pilots, maritime security, customs, border guards, also affirming Cai Mep brand in the market. international".

Deputy Minister of Transport (Transportation) Nguyen Xuan Sang

Capability to receive large ships:

Up to now, CMIT is the only port allowed by the Ministry of Transport to receive large container ships up to 214,000 DWT. Currently, CMIT receives 4 mother ships per week, directly going to both the East Coast and West Coast of the United States, operated by the world's largest shipping alliances such as 2M alliance (Maersk, MSC and Zim), Cosco shipping line /OOCL. The ships docking at the port have gradually increased to 214,000 DWT, thanks to the loading and unloading capacity and the abundant source of goods during Vietnam's sharp increase in import and export activities in recent years.

Mining output has continuously increased over the years (except in 2021, which has a lower growth rate due to the impact of Covid-19) but in general CMIT still fulfills the plan, it is expected that handling and handling output will recover better. in this year.

Over the past 4 years, CMIT has implemented the CMIT Way of Working (Way of Working), building an innovation culture in which Kaizen improvement tools are applied to each department, each department, and each operation.

CMIT is the first port in the port cluster to deploy an automatic customs supervision and management connection system for goods; make e-invoices, e-delivery orders, cashless payments, participate in the TradeLens supply chain platform using blockchain technology, deploy an online cargo portal to report tram operations death.

Advantages of smart port model

Also located in Cai Mep port cluster, Gemalink International Port has just been put into operation, but the volume of goods passing through the port has grown very fast.

The port has a total area of ​​72ha, currently exploits 800m of berth for mother ships, 260m of berth for feeder ships on an area of ​​33ha (this is only phase 1 of this port project, handling capacity for 2 phases can be up to 3 million TEU/year).

The port is equipped with a very modern Korean STS 8 super crane with a height of 92m (equivalent to a 22-storey building), 150m long, 27m wide, weighing more than 1,700 tons, with a reach of 24+2 rows. containers. From shore, the crane can reach 70m to the sea, can lift 2 containers of 20 feet or bulk and project cargo with tonnage of 65 tons and 85 tons. Along with the STS supershore crane, Gemalink port is equipped with 18 E-RTG cranes from Sweden and other modern equipment.

Thus, it can be said that, thanks to the timely transformation to a smart port model, increasing the capacity to receive and handle large-scale goods, it is the strong growth of foreign trade activities in recent years that has created new sources of income. stable, abundant goods, attracting shipping lines and shippers to Vietnam's seaports, typically Cai Mep port cluster, putting Vietnam on a more impressive position on the global maritime and seaport map.